You read this headline and you ask, "what's the catch?" right?

Well, I'll tell you.

First off, I hope you're all on Facebook.

Not wasting your time (not too much anyway...which I know is hard to do!) but scrolling through your newsfeed just a little day by day. Chances are, you'll come across ads that actually make you stop and think whether you should click "Learn More". Who knows what they're for...some likely useless to you...but hopefully every now and again those ads are for a personal development service of some kind. I say that because some of them are actually quite interesting to look into further. I've looked into a few and declined to pursue them further for whatever reason...but one just caught my eye earlier this evening so I decided to learn more.

Here's the ad:


One reason I took a particular interest in the ad is that two of my "Facebook Friends" liked this ad. See below:

I was like "Wow, really?!". Thinking to myself, "I've got to look into this further if they liked it". When friends of yours like something, you look into it further right?!

I mean why not? If they're you're friends, they're your friends for a reason. You trust them and their opinions generally. 

So that's what I did with this offer. I clicked on the "Learn More" button for this "Free Book" offer and a new window opened.

As was to be expected, it was a promotion for what was being offered:

So while, yes, you were going to get the free book "High Performance Habits" by this guy "Brendon Burchard" if you clicked the "Yes I want my free book" just had to pay $7.00 for the shipping and handling. Seemed fair enough but I needed to learn more. I never knew who the guy was before seeing the I watched the promo video on the ad to get a better sense of who he was, what his offer was all about etc.

After listening to him briefly, in short, I was motivated to take action given the way he spoke, what he was speaking about and given the other extras you would receive by paying the shipping and handling on the book. You receive the audiobook version of the book and a Free Professional Performance Assessment.

While I don't have the book in hand yet, it was gratifying to immediately be able to listen to the audiobook.

One tidbit I learned right off the bat:

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."

Anotherwords, rather the spreading your efforts everywhere...perhaps on different career paths, maybe on learning a bunch of different things (e.g. cooking, computers, construction, calligraphy...just named a bunch of stuff that came to mind...)...if you focus on one thing and do your best at putting everything else to the delay, to delegate, to defer as he says...chances are the one thing you focus on getting done, accomplishing, resolving etc...will get done! I know we may have heard the saying "the master of many is the master of none" but hearing a new expression of this type of thing...of remembering to keep 100% focus on something in order to achieve it...this new way to say basically... that...well it was inspiring. It's one thing I know I struggle with..."spreading myself too thin" as some say.

So anyway, I look forward to more of those inspirational words that may help my career and my life in general.

I receive no referral fee, bonus etc of any kind for promoting this book. It's just...a seemingly good deal to get a hard copy of a book, an audiobook and a performance assessment (that I still have to explore)...for basically free. Yes, it's $7.00...but it's just for the shipping and handling of the book...which is reasonable. So in my mind...all 3 things I'm getting are free....I gotta pay to get them.

The one drawback of signing up I will warn you about however...and you can unsubscribe easily enough of course...but you're initially signing up to receive promotions on other things Brendon is marketing...namely his more expensive online courses. I received two promotions on my screen after ordering my book...and you'll get promo emails too...but...this is all to be expected when purchasing something like this online. It..."comes with the territory" shall we say. By providing your phone number, you may also receive promo text messages as well from Brendon's firm.

However, you can both stop the text messages and the emails by unsubscribing. If you just want the book to read it and decide whether Brendon knows what he's talking about...before you entertain other offers from him...I'd say that's a good strategy. It's the one I'm taking anyway.

For those interested but not sure where to find this offer (if you're not on Facebook or can't find the ad for this) can click the below link and you'll be taken to the promo page I landed on after clicking the "Learn More" button.

I hope you find this as interesting as I have to look into further. For those who get the book...I'm wishing Brendon's teachings have a significant positive impact on whichever aspect of your self you'd like to improve on.



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